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Help us study COVID by sharing your voice.

Sonaphi is developing a screening solution for COVID-19 that uses your voice.  If you have recently tested positive we need your help.

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You can help us solve the world’s biggest problem

COVID-19 is spreading too fast to control and the global demand for testing continues to increase. Current screening solutions are slow, expensive and in short supply.


Your voice is the answer

Our research team has developed a way to identify the biomarkers for COVID-19 in your voice.  By analyzing the unique frequencies found in a 30 second voice recording, we’re able to successfully screen for COVID-19.

Your privacy matters

Voice samples are for research purposes only and no personal information will be shared.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters.

Voice samples are for research purposes only and personal information is never shared.

Privacy Policy

Listening for answers

We believe your voice is the answer to ending this pandemic and saving millions of lives around the world. Our research team is working around the clock to develop a mobile app that will provide everyone with COVID-19 Screening.

Thank you for sharing your voice to support this research.


We hear them all the time

What is Sonaphi?

Sonaphi is a San Francisco based technology start-up which uses vocal biomarkers combined with machine learning to derive valuable insights into health and wellness.

What is Voice Research Initiative (VRI)?

VRI is part of a clinical trial the company is undertaking to establish the efficacy and accuracy of its Covid-19 voice-based screening tool. The project will help provide important data and information to the FDA.

How do you screen for COVID-19 in my voice?

The Sonaphi Voice algorithm extracts vocal features found to be related to the presence of Covid-19. Voice analysis is based on vagal nerve function and the innervation of the vocal cords, modulating the voice according to nerve signals.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. The need for reliable telemedicine data submitted within HIPAA compliance drives the innovation behind Sonaphi. The voice recordings and associated data are analyzed and stored with high level encryption, data protection, and HIPAA compliance.

Every Voice Counts

We need your help to end this pandemic and reopen our world. Please download the Voice Research Initiative app and make your voice count.